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Window Farms: Information Design Book by Jiani Lu 

"This personal project is inspired by the urban farming movement. The hand bound book acts as a reference guide on the indoor, year round, urban farming method, Window Farming ( The book visualizes various types of data and instructions covering everything from assembly to mounting to coming up with a growing plan. 
It features fold-out posters, illustrations, information graphics, and an interactive gardening journal. Each of the 5 chapters is saddle sewn between the folds on both sides of a long, accordion-folded sheet. The format allows for various reading approaches; when collapsed together, it reads front to back like a regular book. When expanded open, it reveals the entire length of the book with the ability to reference content from several chapters all at once.
The choice of binding, paper and cover material all reflect the very tangible and hands-on involvement found in farming. Using matte, textured stocks within a playfully formatted book, emphasises on the ability to touch, play and explore the piece.”
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