Install Theme

Winged Migration by Yuki Fujiwara

'This publication tells the story of the power of magnetism and the effects it has on the movement patterns of migratory birds. 

This story is told through a precise and expressive use of typography. The large format and lightweight newsprint was chosen to echo a bird flapping its wings as the pages are turned. A dynamic layout where individual sections occasionally cross over onto adjoining pages reflects the wide ranging movement of birds, and hints at the invisible power that guides them across continents.
While the body text tells one continuous story, many scientific footnotes punctuate the narrative, giving more detailed information and offering a micro/macro reading/viewing experience.’

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The Piano Painting Device by Jane Hooy

“ The Piano Painting Device” is a research project that explores the concept of music color theory and its ability to create a synesthetic experience when used on a piano medium. The idea also revolves around investigating and exploring the work of a famous composer and pianist, Frédéric Chopin. The results of the generative art (ink mark patterns on the scroll) created by this installation when playing Chopin’s pieces was used to identify the emotions in the music and analyze its relation to his personal life. ’

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Where do I stand? by Jane Hooy

“Where do I stand?” is a data-logy project that focuses on information regarding the knowledge-driven economy in today’s society. It aims to portray the “facts” of how important education is and how it can affect many other factors in life. Facts and information retrieved are being represented through the idea of a book symbolizing wisdom, knowledge and academic pursuits. Using an object instead of printed info graphic, allowed information to be expressed from a 360-degree angle, inside and outside of the book. The books show the different ways that can be used to explain and represent different set of data and statistics. For eg, how the seven different levels of education qualifications (using education levels based in United States: 1) doctoral degree, 2) master’s degree, 3) bachelor’s degree, 4) associate’s degree, 5) some college no degree, 6)high school diploma, 7)less than high school) differs from one another in these areas:1) occupation 2) salary 3) social economic status 4) Happiness Level 5) percentage of workforce.’

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Shrinking Liverpool by Vinzenz Hoelzl

'Fascinated by the phenomenon of deindustrialisation and shrinking cities in the Western world, this project concentrates on Liverpool and separates the city into the three layers it consist of, Past, Now and Future, and revives the abstraction and rebuilding of a new image and identity for the city through recombining the different layers in three books, placed into a rusting cor-ten steel box, that stands for the materiality and physical importance of all of the three layers.'

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Self Promo Mini Ape Figure by Andraditya Dhanu Respati

With this self promotional concept, Andraditya Dhanu Respati wanted to show that he can do much more than just 2D design. The toy will be sent together with a letter and CV to various companies. Andraditya has a keen interest in toys and many of his designs and artworks are inspired by toys. For this reason he decided to use a toy as the appropriate self promo item. Monkeys are known for intelligence and that they do whatever they want to do. Andraditya Dhanu Respati says that this animal reflects his personality and graphic work.

The toy packaging is based on a minimalist design to convey a clean look. The insides of the packaging are decorated with Andraditya’s hand drawn illustrations.’

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Mind & Movement by Magpie Studio

How to —

Break conventions

World-renowned choreographer, Wayne McGregor, engineered a ‘choreographic toolkit’ to help dance teach the principles of his work, and encourage them to deconstruct the way that they think about movement.

This typographic solution allowed the key principles of McGregor’s methods to be illustrated without suggestive photography of dancers. The type, broken down into its constituent parts, and rearranged into infinitely variable sets of patterns, formed a perfect metaphor for McGregor’s work.

The choreographic thinking toolkit included a printed and digital resource for teachers, as well as an interactive exhibition in collaboration with the Wellcome Trust.’

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Omnom by The North South Studio

Omnom Hand Crafted Chocolate is a collaboration between Óskar Þórðarson, Kjartan Gíslason, Karl Viggó Vigfússon and André Úlfur Visage. The project started in December 2012 with several formats and ideas.

The packaging developed from a plain folded A4 wrapper, through various forms and stages, into the envelope box that it is today.
Packaging is the first visual and last physical contact a brand has with a customer and we wanted it to be a lasting one. With that in mind we decided to produce something that would add value and function to the brand.
The packaging represents an envelope of happiness. It functions as a serving tray while sharing and enjoying Omnom with others and a safety chest to protect uneaten chocolate. The opening process and the option of closing it again was important to us.
The illustrated characters were created out of inspiration from living and traveling in Iceland between 2007 and 2011. They are both real and mythical. The original drawings were developed for a personal project in 2009, and re-visited during the development of Omnom Packaging.
We are developing a continuous adventure world of Omnom that will be added graphically to the packaging as the brand grows and expands. Our next line of bars will be out in February, keeping the same functionality of the packaging, with a new series of illustrations to go with the newly developed tastes.
An adventure world awaits! ‘
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Get off! Get off! by Jana Papiernikova

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Micro Art by Hasan Kale

A very talented artist from Turkey who paints recreations of Turkish landmarks on pieces of food and other small objects.

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