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Hey guys!

if you’re interested in league of legends, I have started a new blog containing fan art, cosplay and more.

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Greek Myths by Shana Hackman

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Teassert by Lily Kao

Teassert is a look-a-like food package that incorporates the idea of Dim Sum into packing tea leaves (Oolong tea and Pu-Erh tea) and snacks (dark melon seeds and roasted peanuts). The package itself has multiple re-use functions, including Siu Mai recipe, book marks, coasters, and usable bamboo steam baskets for cooking. The package instruction includes two languages - English and Madarin. ’

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Omote/ Real-time Face Tracking & Projection Mapping by NOBUMICHI ASAI

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Deconstruction part 1 by Sam Curtis

This is an older project in which i decided to deconstruct what we are made of and display it in its simplest form. i created this range of posters and large 3d piece displayed in another project.’

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As Aparencias Nao Enganam Mais (Appearances do not deceive more) by SPR

'With face nice and soft-spoken, the danger often goes quiet for any doorman. That's why the GSR has launched a new service for remote ordinance, which does not fall in these traps. And to tell you this, the SPR has created a campaign that makes the reader realize in practice to judge by appearances, never works.'

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Why Not Hand Over a “Shelter” to Hermit Crabs? by Aki Inomata

In this piece I gave hermit crabs shelters that I had made for them, and if they liked my shelters, they made their shells in them.

My idea for this piece first came about when I participated in the “No Man’s land” exhibition that was held in the French Embassy in Japan in 2009. This work is inspired by the fact that the land of the former French Embassy in Japan had been French until October 2009, and became Japanese for the following fifty years, before being returned to France. The same piece of land is peacefully transferred from one country to the other. These kinds of things take place without our being aware of it. On the other hand, similar events are not unrelated to us as individuals. For example, acquiring nationality, moving, and migration. The hermit crabs wearing the shelters I built for them, which imitate the architecture of various countries, appeared to be crossing various national borders. Though the body of the hermit crab is the same, according to the shell it is wearing, its appearance changes completely. It’s as if they were asking, “Who are you?”

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Illustrations by Tatiana Arocha

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Emergency Self Esteem Kit by Tiffany Chan

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Wordless by Georgia Bride

‘Create a 24 page magazine using colour and image to express content’. I used an article from the science magazine ‘Focus’ to explore the new findings of the Universe through colour, patterns and shapes. The wordless magazine goes from light to dark relating to the article, while I used marble painting to replicate the particles of the Universe. 

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